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Tavor: fun addition for the greenhouse. Gorgeous flower!

Bean, Bush:

  • Royal Burgundy: Brilliant purple, 5” pods. Very good flavor raw or cooked
  • Provider: Adaptable to diverse soil and climate conditions


  • DeCicco: early, yields small 3-4” main heads followed by a large yield of side shoot.
  • Gypsy: heat tolerant and do well in below average fertility.


  • Farao: Delicious, early, green  cabbage.
  • Integra:  Deep purple red cabbage.


  • Snow Crown: extra early and adaptable.
  • Lavender: stunning purple heads.


  • PMR Delicious 51: Early, with juicy sweet flesh.


  • Tango: Performs well under heat and moisture stress.


  • Pink: New-beautiful color and nice flavor.
  • Oriole Orange
  • Ruby Red


  • Marketmore: slicer, thick skinned, crunchy.
  • Lemon: Round, yellow and delicious.
  • Pickling: early and high yielding.


  • Listada di gandia: petite, purple-striped, Italian. Beautiful coloring and shape.
  • Little Finger: slender, petite, great for roasting.
  • Black Beauty: Classic Italian eggplant


  • Vates: Curly, dark green leaves.
  • Red Russian: Bright purple veins.


  • Bandit: Winter hardy


  • Cabernet: Early, 4-6 mo. storage.
  • Bridger: Early, yellow onion.  Good storage onion


  • Banana Pepper, Goddess: sweet banana for pickling and fresh eating.
  • California Wonder Golden: early yellow bell.
  • Sweet Snack peppers: choose red, yellow or orange. Love these sweet little treats!
  • King of the North: early, sweet red bell.
  • Orange Bell: Heirloom, open pollinated.
  • Lipstick: Beautiful red sweet tear drop shaped pepper. My favorite!
  • Jalapeños: Early, reliable, tough plants.
  • Anaheim: Numex Joe E. Parker- great producer, large beautiful chilies.
  • Ancho/Poblano: Roasting, green chili.
  • Habaneros:these pretty orange peppers pack a heat punch!
  • Serrano: Hot Rod-puts spice into life.
  • Shishitos:a favorite with chefs!


  • Baby Pam: just the right size for small spaces.

Squash, Summer

  • Y-Star Patty Pan: Perfect little, yellow, roasting squash.
  • Yellow Crookneck: delicate flavor addition to any dish.
  • **Zephyr: beautiful “dipped” bicolor squash


  • Green Machine-Disease resistant and high yielding.
  • Golden Glory-beautiful sun gold color zucchini.

Squash, Winter

  • Acorn: Sweet Reba-yummy steamed.
  • Waltham Butternut: sweet, unique flavor.
  • Spaghetti: perfect for the gluten free spaghetti dinner.
  • **Delicata: delicious, sweet, squash.


  • Toma Verde: a must have for salsas.

Tomatoes: I-Indeterminate D-Determinate

  • Black Krim:Russian Heirloom-Yum (I)
  • Brandywine: Heirloom -slicer with big flavor. (I)
  • Cherokee Purple: Heirloom- Medium to large, unique color and flavor. (I)
  • Copia: Large, beautiful, yellow and orange striped, beefsteak tomato. (I)
  • Kellogg’s Breakfast: Orange beefsteak heirloom  (I)
  • San Marzano Roma: Pretty Italian heirloom paste tomato.(I)
  • New Girl: Early tomato with more disease resistance than Early Girl (I)
  • **Celebrity Plus: Strong, disease resistant, productive beefsteak tomato.(D)
  • Rose de Berne: loved heirloom-midsize (I)
  • Black cherry: Cherry tomato-yum. (I)
  • Sakura: Prolific sweet,  large red cherry tomatoes.(I)
  • Sungold: super sweet, brightly colored, pick and eat cherry tomato.(I)
  • Supersweet 100: Prolific,  sweet red cherry tomato. (I)
  • Sunrise Bumblebee: Pretty orange and gold striped cherry tomato.(I)
  • Purple Bumblebee: Burgundy with olive green stripe cherry tomato.(I)
  • Pink bumblebee: Rose colored with gold stripes-cherry tomato.(I)
  • Yellow Pear: Heirloom-sweet and tangy. (I)


For Colorado high country short growing season

  • Sugar Baby: small sweet and early.

*Check on availability of specialty plants not listed.

*Vegetable Plants come in tall 4.33” round cups unless other sizes have been specified.

*Contact Terrie Swerdlove at 970 948-5288 or  for wholesale pricing and questions.