For the past 15 years, on a 10 acre USDA certified organic farm and garden, on a mesa in western Colorado, we have been continuously working on building a sustainable ecosystem that provides food,  beauty and medicine for future generations.

We grow certified organic vegetable, herb, flower, medicinal, biodynamic and permaculture plants for wholesale and retail sales and plant our market and home gardens with these same plants. Our plants are started in our subterranean heated and cooled greenhouse, lovingly put together over the past 6-7 years by my husband, Ace.

Slowly, we have been introducing grapevines, Goji berries, fruit trees, and wildlife habitat with currants and wild roses as well as adding to the medicinal garden.  Over the past 7  years we have undergone a major project putting in an underground water main for our irrigation system and installing a system that cuts our water waste while delivering water when and where it is needed to establish a canopy of trees, shrubs and vines which will become our “water bank”, holding moisture in their roots, branches, leaves and cooling the ground to minimize water loss by evaporation.

In 2021, we produced over 400 lbs of tomatoes and over 300 lbs. of cucumbers in our first full season in the high tunnel! This year we have our new BCS walk-behind tractor.  This year we plan to add low tunnels and hoops with row cover to our warm weather crops.  Every year is a new experience filled with challenges and opportunities for growth (read-tears and laughter!). This year we share our victories and disappointments with you. We hope you enjoy our story!

With joy,

Terrie and Ace